Z.Ceram - Zirconia Ceramic Restoration



Thanks to its excellent physical properties, zirconium oxide is ideal for long-spanned bridges - a genuine innovation in the all-ceramic sector. Zirconia is the first metal-free restorative fabrication procedure that combines traditional production techniques with the high precision of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) processes. Completely cementable, Zirconia is considered to be the strongest all-ceramic material available. With a flexural strength of over 900 Mpa, Zirconia can virtually “squeeze” microcracks together to eliminate the possibility of any fracture propagation. While an excellent choice for single full-coverage crowns, it particularly shines as a bridge material as it can accommodate multiple pontics in a row for placement anywhere in the mouth.

Zirconia is one of the materials which may allow production of reliable multi unit all-ceramic restorations for high-stress areas, such as the posterior region of the mouth.


e.max Zirpress, Crystal Zirconia


Anterior and Posterior, long span bridges


Feather edge margin preparation


Shoulder with no sharp line angles, chamfered finished line

In-Lab Days: 8

Warranty: 5 Years

2013-02-08 09:14:06