Digital Restorations

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is a monolithic solid zirconia restoration with no porcelain overlay. More brawn than beauty, you'll be impressed by the esthetics of BruxZir

ZKrown is made from a unique zirconia with high levels of translucency. When esthetics is equally important as strength, ZKrown is your choice.

PFZ Crown
Classic Features. Metal like strength and durability. Excellent aesthetics in multimedia applications.

Zirlux FC
With the introduction of Zirlux FC full contour zirconia, dentists now have an alternative to metal restorations that will meet both clinical and patient demands with esthetics.

estique ZFC
For those patients who require a strong occlusal material but don’t want to compromise esthetics, estique ZFC is your best choice.


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