About Knight Dental Group


Our mission is, caring and helping our clients to reach their success goals. We will accomplish this by striving to deliver the highest quality products, innovation, education and outstanding service.


• Our clients and their patients are our primary concern; we accept their trust in us as a valued team member and the responsibility to always deliver consistent quality results.

• Our employees are one of our most precious resources; we will treat them with respect and provide a state of the art facility with continuing education and a quality centered environment.

• We are a good community partner and appreciate and respect the environment in which we live. We will strive to keep the environment the same way we found it.

Welcome to the Knight Dental Group family!

We have a rich forty year history of creating the most quality consistent dental restorations in the industry.

Our commitment to you to deliver the highest quality, exceptional service levels, advanced esthetics and value pricing is evidenced in our 40-years of success. The Group offers unique internal systems that ensure the success of every case; DAMAS (Dental Appliance Manufacturing Auditing System), iDAPA (Integrated Dental Appliance Process Applications), CIP (Continuous Improvement Processes) are just a few of the ways that help us create the most consistent restoration.

Whether you are a new client or a current client, this website will help you identify the right restoration for your patient; we have a restoration or appliance for every need and price point.

Our promise to you is simple; you will receive the highest quality and consistent restorations, unmatched esthetics and premier service, all at value pricing.

With all of the choices you may have in American dental laboratories, nothing compares to Knight!


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