Key Features:



Captek™ provides an esthetic strong, durable crown even in smaller, thinner teeth. With its one of a kind structure and composition, the Captek™ crown can be thinner than conventional metals allowing greater creativity to the technician. Captek™ crowns can be conservative with minimal thickness crowns.

Captek™ is a composite metal, composed of a matrix and filler. Captek™ coping has the unique internal reinforcing skeleton made primarily of platinum group metals. The Captek™ skeleton allows the coping to be as thin as 50 microns (0.05mm) at the margins without losing stability.
The exceptional thin Captek™ metal coping allows more room for porcelain, especially where high esthetic in required. This property is very advantages where space for esthetics is limited, and the demand for esthetics is high.
Captek™ unique strength ensures long term service for patients.


Leucite reinforced ceramic material


Anterior & Posterior single units


Less than 1.5mm of clearance


Medium Shoulder

In-lab days: 5
Warranty: 5 Years

2013-02-07 11:14:57