All-Ceramic Restorations

At Knight Dental Group we are developing the most exclusive dental products using the most advanced technologies and materials for the best fit and aesthetics. Our dental products have been rigorously tested and you are guaranteed quality results and ultimate aesthetics!

We design all our cases around you and your patient, not only around your specifications, but also your ultimate goals. The remarkable new design and features of our restorative solutions allow you to arrive at your ultimate goals more easily than ever and offer the best solutions to your patients.

IPS e.max
Lithium Disilicate glass ceramic is ideally suitable for the fabrication of monolithic single-unit restorations.

IPS Empress
The Ultimate in Metal-Free Esthetics. One of the most clinically tested and written about materials in the last decade. Ideal for Anterior restoration crowns and Veneers.

Thanks to its excellent physical properties, zirconium oxide is ideal for long-spanned bridges - a genuine innovation in the all-ceramic sector.

A feldspathic creation beyond your expectation.


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