Key Features:
Technical Advantages
  • Always clear even after prolonged wear
  • High strength and durability
Practice Building Advantages
  • Treatment for clenching and bruxing
  • Protect expensive restorations
  • Application for every patient
Time Saving Advantages
  • Almost no chair time
  • Custom and accurate for every time


Super Clear Mouthguard
Product Description

We can’t make it any clearer. Always clear, even after prolonged wear. Super clear Mouthguard comes in hard or soft. High strength and impact resistant.

Doctor Benefits

Super clear - we use a monomer free acrylic for the clearest mouth guard available.

Patients Benefits

Allergy free. Highly durable and strong. Excellent for treatment of clenching and bruxing.

Product Indications

Any situation where a Mouthguard can be used. Every patient is a candidate - clenching and grinding treatment, protecting expensive restorations.

2013-02-05 15:53:54